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Valet Trash, Redefined

With a collection rate of over 99%, Breezy Waste has consistently provided premium valet trash services to millions of multi-family units over the years.

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We Believe Each Client is a Long Term Partnership

Valet Trash

Did you know valet trash services have consistently been rated the #1 amenity by multi-family residents across the U.S.?


Property managers can enjoy directing a cleaner, more attractive property with satisfied tenants and ensure less workload for maintenance and staff.


Property owners gain value by increasing NOI, attracting quality tenants and staying competitive in the market with luxury community amenities.


Residents especially enjoy the convenience, as our door to door trash service eliminates the need for trips to distant dumpsters, saving time and promoting a cleaner living space. 

We Go the Extra Mile

More Services, More Savings

Garbage Bin

Litter Pickup

Unlike most providers, Breezy Waste will include daily litter pickup at no extra cost. 

Cleanliness is not just about appearances; it directly correlates with residents' well-being, creating a space that is conducive to relaxation, socialization, and overall contentment within the apartment community. Give maintenance a break and let us pick up the community's litter for you. 

Pet Stations

Waste station changes

Our dedicated team ensures that all the pet waste stations are regularly serviced, providing a fresh and hygienic space for residents and their furry companions


And Much More...

Already have one of these services covered? Because we believe to be the best valet trash service in Utah and Arizona, we will customize our additional services to fit your needs.

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Who We Are

About Breezy Waste

"At Breezy Waste, we take immense pride in being more than just a company, we are a family-operated business dedicated to fostering meaningful connections with our clients. Our foundation is built on a genuine commitment to providing exceptional service and unparalleled consistency, ensuring our clients and their residents feel like valued members of our extended family."


Year of Establishment

99% +


Tyler Erickson


Units Serviced

Founder & CEO Breezy Waste

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